The Moth Diaries, Poetry
2005-05-05 20:29:20 (UTC)

Poem 49- Sew Yourself Up Beautiful

this pain you feel is because of me,
this wound that lies gaping is all because of me.
that hole straight through your heart is down to me.

i left you alone, weeping and sobbing,
drowning in sorrow and misunderstanding.
i only ever wanted it to be wrong,
because it was so so right,
so wholely right.

for such a long time, you consumed me.
sent my senses flying, soaring,
i ran distances of space for you,
to hear your voice, to feel your embrace.

you were the one that held me up when i was falling,
who lifted my mouth free from the circling water,
who would catch me momentarily in a dream.
and oh how i dreamed,
intensly, passionatly, devotedly to you.

i would give the stars new energy,
to shine on for you.
i would defy the lord, defy nature, defy myself,
for the chance to piece together the mirrored remains of
the heart i loved so much.
that wilting heart, standing alone with no owner.

i give you my needle and thread,
my soul, my body, my heart, my head.
sew yourself up beautiful, grow strong and grow whole,
sew yourself up beautiful, let years come between us.

as long as my thread remains intwined in your heart,
holding the fibres of love together.

© Lucy Griffin May05

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