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2005-05-05 18:28:46 (UTC)

my true feelings

i feel like i have just been stabbed in the back, by one
of my friends.

one of my friends asked out, and is going out with the guy
that i like.

i know she doesnt really like him, bc she has done thins
before to my other friend.

see, i told her i had a crush on this guy, and then she
goes and asks him out.

she can be a real bitch 95% of the time. and if you have
just met her, youll probably just say, ' shes not a bitch,
what are you talking about?!'

but in reality, she is a lying cheating slut bitch!!

i hate her so much, i just want to punch her right in the
face so i can just break her fucking mask!

all the guys want her,
all the guys want her BODY.

her boobs areent that big, and yet all the guys act like
shes a fucking double D, even she acts like she has that
big of boobs, but she doesnt.

i hate how shes always acting,
being a bitch,
showing off,
being a bitch....
and last but certainly not least....BEING A SLUT!!

i dont care if other people like her, i dont.
i dont care if she finds out, i really dont.
i dont care if she gets rapped in a dark alley way and
wakes up with HIV, i'd actually rather she did.

wait no...thats harsh....i'd rather she just fall down and

My Goal for the end of my elementary school years is: make
her life as miserable as mine was when she did this to me.


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