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2005-05-05 15:09:29 (UTC)


Alot of shit has been going on this week. Friday night I
had some people over. I got so trashed. It was crazy.
Monday I was still finding out shit that I had no idea that
I did. weird! Dave ended up climbing up my balcony. lol. It
was interesting. Me and Marc were like what the fuck! haha.
I guess I did some pretty crazy shit. but ohhhh well. You
only live once right!? I had fun though so that is all that
matters. Saturday I had to work, and then I went to Denny's
with Marc, Nat, and Dave.

Sunday night I got into a fight with Tim over some stupid
shit. It made me realize alot. So i broke up with him last
night. no need to go into detail. He is coming home
tuesday. I dont know what to do, or what I even want

I left at 10:20 today. I have to clean my room then I am
sleeping seeing as how I only got 2 hours of sleep last
night. I have to work 4-8 then after that I have no idea
what I am doing. Tomorrow is senior skip day... yeah so not
going to school.


Tomorrow night should be fun. We were supposed to go to
Nikki's but now we are going next weekend. So i will prolly
have people over tomorrow night again. fun

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