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2005-05-05 21:07:51 (UTC)

subdiary 05-05-05

hi all,

Master & i had the best chat today. Wwe talked about lots
of things. Wwe talked about Oour common love for dogs. i
did misunderstand something He said which rereading it is
quite funny. Master refered to going to a friends place to
pat his dog to get a dog fix and i thought he was refering
to getting the dog fixed (desexed) and was making reference
to wanting me to get desexed as well as previously Master &
i were talking about wanting kid or not.

Master also told me He has sent me some postcards but He
couldnt write what he liked on the back because He doesnt
want to give the postman a heartattack. i feel Wwe should
work out some sort of code for this. might be some
interesting reading. woould take time to write and
decipher but might be fun all the same. after a while a
few words wouldnt need to be put into code as we would both
know what they were.

that has given me something interesting to think about. i
am also trying to think of something nice for Master as a
surprise. so a few nice things to think about to get me
over the next few days as Master is working late and also
packing to move over the week end. this will leave very
little time for us to chat much.

slave jess {MJ}