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2005-05-05 03:29:43 (UTC)


Its nights like last night that make me really believe in
fate, i had a dream that i was working at mcdonalds and i
was running for my friend who was in present and i got mad
and threw napkins on the grown and walked away. i started
crying and went to the crew room, and i had travis and trent
and someother girl sitting besie me comforting me i thought
travis was huging me and i looked up and it was my ex bf
adam. he was like well u ready to get out of here, so we
went out side and it started snowing, we played around in
the show and we were flirting and it was so cute i was
falling in love with him allover again. scary thing was
today at lunch i saw him. ya great huh i miss him like crap.
the only other guys i like is this guy named arron loos but
idk i have never spoken to him before but hes really sweet
and shy. and this vineto guy from my work who i am in LOVE
with.right now his perfect except for the fact that he just
got married i mean like 5 months ago! he told leslie at work
that he would if he wasnt married. he flirts big time and i
know he likes me but cant even take it any farther. well
good bye for now!

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