The Up's and Down's
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2005-05-05 02:32:56 (UTC)

A Girl's Complaints

You spill your heart out to someone and all they say is
okay. How do you respond to that?
How do you take back the feelings they lack?

He says the truth is always scary,
It's scary when the truth makes things blurry.

As a teenager we live for heartache and pain.
But must it all be the same?

I tear for you,
And you seem to show no clue.

That you even care about me.
How can you be my fulfilled destiny?

I want to say it's over, never talk to me again.
But I am so weak, I feel like I'd be cold within.

I can't seem to shake these affections.
I can't seem to let go of this infatuation.

Why do I get so soft just because you're there?
Why do I feel this way and not understand how this is fair?

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