The Up's and Down's
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2005-05-05 01:20:48 (UTC)

Girl 2 Sad 2 Give a Fuck

Empty inside,
No one there to confide.

This feeling of lonliness I cannot escape.
My heart has been put back together with tape.

Over and over again and now I fear,
That it will always be this way, that all I will know is
heartached tears.

The temptation of having someone there calls,
But the memories of pain and lies is all I recall.

I don't trust myself to feel again.
I have no trust in men.

I was their best kept secret, their best kept lie.
Fucked over but I still stood by.

I was pushed aside and mind was filled with garbage they
Eventually from the possibilites of love...I walked.

Loving nothing and fearing everything.

Shielding myself from the one thing I need most.

My hopes came crashing down.
There's nothing left but heartache...No one stood around.

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