The Up's and Down's
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2005-05-05 00:53:06 (UTC)

The Cure

Manipulation, contemplation, obsession, completion.

We get caught up so easily,
This is why we could never control our .destiny

We tend to believe the hustlers we come across.
Our life is one big coin toss.

In this world you can only trust yourself.
Our view on our truths is blurry, our hearts must be put on
a shelf.

One wrong relationship and we're forever scarred.
We go against the grain though we should go against our
eyes that are stared.

We are ruled by fear, yet fuelled by hate.
On our past, on our pain, we concentrate.

We are as weak as it gets.
The sins, the wrongs, the hurt, the love, are all things no
one forgets.

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