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Journal of Joels slave
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2005-05-05 10:46:15 (UTC)

subdiary 04-05-05


i am so happy that Master and i could talk through the
things that have been bothering me. He can be so forceful
in the gentlest way. in the past i havent experienced this
at all. He has never ever given me reasons to be scared to
talk to Him so why did i feel afraid this time. it was all
in my head. my expectations of how He would or should

when i tried to work out how i would have handled things if
i was Him i got even more confused. i began to imagine all
the worse senerios and like a rolling snowball they
escalated until i felt completely out of control with my
emotions and thoughts.

Master asked for feedback to help us and it came from a
good friend. it was so down to earth and so much like how i
was seeing things. it made the haze clear for me and to
accept my Masters words and punishment. i cant thank this
person enough.

i am slowly getting better so this might be helping too


slavejess {MJ}

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