Diary of a sexual Nympho
2005-05-04 12:35:23 (UTC)

lusting after the teacher

I walked into my after work tutorial with some reluctance.
Its usually a bore and a waste of two hours. I tend to use
the class as sleeping time.

Although my tune changed as soon as I walked into the
class. My usual boring over weight 60yr old woman lecturer
had brought along a guest speaker. TH was about 40 with
greying hair and a body to die for not to mention his
english accent. I knew as soon as I saw him that I had to
have him. I quickly scanned his left hand for a wedding
ring relived to find none, although i did notice the
distinct sun line from where a ring must have once

As he introduced himself I listned atentively. As we went
around the room introducing ourselves, i noticed he
lingered for a moment after i introduced myself, he knew
what i wanted. He spoke confidently although i tried my
best to rattle him with my glances and eye contact. I had
finally met my match. As I tried my best i want to fuck u
eyes his eyes merely laughed. I guessed he was use to this
kind of attention from students.

During the two hours my plan had been thought out. I left
my keys under the table so I had a good reason to go back
and went to the toilets to wait until all the students had
left. then I went back to retrive my keys. TH had my keys
in his hand. I asked my teacher when I went back for some
class notes that I knew she had left in her office on the
other side of the campus. When she left I looked TH
staight in the eye and told him had been no accident that I
had left the keys. He laughed and said he knew. And
although he was very flattered that such a gorgous young
thing like me was interested in him he had a policy not to
get involved students. I mumbled some excuse and fled.

I was parked on the 5th floor, and it was deserted by now.
as i neared my car I noticed foot steps behind me. I
gripped bag ready to put up a good fight. I heard a voice
behind me. You will need these wont you. I spun around to
see TH with my keys. The next thing I knew he had grabed
me and kissed me hard. I looked at him in shock, and he
said that he had rethought that no student policy and came
to the conclusion I wasnt really his student. I glanced
around to make sure that we where alone. I dropped to my
knees and undid his trouses and took his hard cock into my
mouth. He tasted even better than i imagined. he put his
hands into my long hair and pulled me back and forth
against him moaning in pleasure. He stopped me right
before he was about to cum and said we needed to move to
somewhere more private. We agreed to meet back at the
class room. I shut and locked the class room door behind
us. Only the cleaners where left so i knew we wouldnt be

I as I walked up to him I was unbuttoning my shirt. It was
off by the time I reached him. He was sitting at the
teachers desk so I sat ontop of the desk. I lifted up my
skirt and pullled my pants to one side and put his hand on
my leg. I stood up and wiggled out of my panties. I sat
back on the desk and spread my legs. he gasped when he saw
my perfectly smooth pussy glistening wet. he ran his hand
down my thin line of hair and into my pussy. he plunged
two of his fingers deep into my pussy causing me to cry
out. his tounge soon joined his fingers, he was eating my
pussy like a staved man. with the other hand he was
unbuttoning his trousers. He then grabbed my small frame
by the hips, skirt still on and pulled me down onto his
rock hard cock, I raised my lips to his and tasted my own
juices. that sweet salty taste of sex. he continued to
fuck me deep and hard. his face buired in my breasts. I
was so close to coming. He told me to wait. He layed me
on the desk and put my legs over his shoulders and fucked
me whilst slowley rubbing my clit with his thumb. I could
no longer hold back and told him I was going to come. He
then picked up his pace and I could feel his hot liqued
shot into me as we came together. He pressed his lips
againt mine then collapsed against me. And that was where
our hot affair begun. . . .

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