Flying on broken wings
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2005-05-04 04:14:53 (UTC)

still the 3rd

Dear Diary,

something just came to mind, something that only comes to
me when I am upset, or really hyper. She is a smart person-
... He is a kind person... she wants to be a teen, and he
wasnt to get futher along in his life. They both are
married.. and yet it took them over 20 years to learn that
they don't like each other. Since I moved to Texas I heard
stories of parents breaking up, and hate running though
families. I never once thought that it would come to
mine... I didn't think that I would be the one to drown in
tears of heartbreak... from my own parents. I should have
guessed what was wrong when they started yelling more and
more at each other... You know, I think back on all the
good times that I had with them, and with this family as a
whole.. and it's hard to think about the bad. To think
about the death, to think about the hate-... No, it's not
my life, the hate is not my life, these people aren't my
family-.. They can't be... not this corppted.. I love them
so much, and yet all they do is fight now, and act like
children at times.

I am not strong, yet I have to be, with my brother, there
is no hope at the end of this book. I have lost a lot of
things that mean a lot to me... But damn it... I wont lose
my brother too. That much I know I can protect from all
this. I can get a job as a teacher, that wont be that hard
for me, and I wil get a home, I will buy a new car... I
will be a mother to my little brother. this much I will
promise him. I promise him that I will take care of him, if
I have someone with me at my side or not... I wont let him
be hurt anymore by violence...

-Amy -11:14PM

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