Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
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2005-05-04 02:37:03 (UTC)

Mood swings!!! Yay!

That was a dramatic mood swing ... =D!
Nik came on and Suze just did all my homework for me ...
YAY! I'm all happy now !!

Today was science fair. And ... Kevin's project was ...
interesting to say the least.
Him and Sunny teamed up to make a model of the human
body ... oh my lord.
Kevin made the structure ... Sunny did the paint job. Kev
made the bowels, and the liver 3D.
It aparently had an inflamed liver, and needed to take a
But they didn't finish in time, big surprise, only the
brown nosers got finished. It was too short of notice. So
uhm ... their model ... didn't have a head. So at the last
minute, Kevin stapled a sock to wear it's head should have
been. Then he drew a happy face on it.
Then, he put his hand in the sock, and started to make it
talk to people. (Hold on, it gets better!!)
Then, he shoved a pencil in where the reproductive organ
should have been. (And yup you guessed it!) He started
making it masturbate. Good lord.
Then, just at the right/wrong monent in time, a soft core
teacher made his way by. Kev's lucky he only got a pink
slip. If it hadda been me, I woulda got a whole semester's
worth of gym duty! Its not fair I tells yah!
Im getting fat ... I know everyone complains ... but I
feel fat O.o! I need ... to do somethign about it... but I
havent even eaten barely anythiung all day ... hmm. I
should get that lap band thing! There ... problem
solved ...