Soul Flares
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2005-05-03 22:43:43 (UTC)

My dearest Kiki

Kiki is my best friend, well one of them anyway; and this
morning she was crying. I knew it had to be about one of two
things, Her ass of a mother, or her father. At first she
wouldn't talk about it, but then I asked after third hour
and she spilled her guts. Apperently she had stayed up late
talking to SG(Logan her 20 year old boyfriend) and her dad
was so pissed he took away her phone, wont let her go to
Amber's party, and was yelling at her vividly. Then on their
way to school he'd stop and start suddenly so she was shoved
around in her seat, and it was no accident.

I wouldn't be nearly as worried if I hadn't known that
Kiki's mom who kicked her out left her dad for two reason,
one she was having an online afair, and two he was beating
her. It makes me so scared for Kiki, that she's living with
him full time now, and if she has a fight with him there's
no where she can really go.I kept giving her hugs and
telling her that I'm there for her, but I can only hope it
helped her at all.

What I'm most worried about it that he might start hitting
her too, and I know what I'll have to do if he does, and I
find out, I'll have to call the cops. It's a scary thought,
calling the cops on your best friends dad, but I love kiki
and I won't let him hurt her if he tries. I WONT. So all I
can do is pray for her, and them and hope that it doesn't
come to that, but be ready to call it it does.

On the plus side she's trying to patch things up with her
crazy mom. I guess I shouldn't call her an ass, she's not
THAT bad. Still she's said and done some very hurtful things
to Kiki. Anyway Kiki had this dance performance at school,
and not only did Kiki invite her mom, but she came and
brought Bubby and Johnny. Cori and I sat with them when we
watched Kiki dance and afterwards we gave her flowers, and
she hugged her mom. I was so happy I could have cried; I
didn't but I could have. It's makes me happy to know she's
trying and that now maybe her mom will stop sending those
hurtful letters, and maybe they wont have to involve the
courts. Maybe, just maybe things will get better for Kiki, I
really hope so, but for right now, all I can do I pray for
her, hold her and be there for her. It's not much, but it's
all I can do.

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