Flying on broken wings
2005-05-03 22:30:35 (UTC)


Dear diary,

From what I wrote... I had two replys this time, one from
the writter, and once from a person... . That just plain
worries to much; but does, and can give good advice.

Ethan: "I am asking what your full thoughts on my message
were...besides that single sentence....did it help?....or
did it make things worse?"

'Thomas': hmmz...don't let jeremy ever do that again,
because if I get him in my hands, he will never be able to
make babies anymore..*grins evil* And the one that wrote
about love (I guess kevi) he tried to explain quite
well...But it is more than a feeling...plato explained it..
he thought that first, man and woman were one...like a
heart....then....some power seperated man and woman. And
for each woman, there is only one man....and for each man,
one woman.... there is only one perfect man for a specific
lady, and one specific lady for each man. I liked that way
to explain it. I believe it is that way... I hope you will
understand me...gah....I am part of one....and you are part
of one...I think we could be one.. but there are many ways
to try to explain it..."

Dear Ethan,

What you wrote... Helped me, as far as that can go right
now. Though I know well that not all men fall to that...
Not all the men really mean they love me when they say they
do. Words can mean a lot, and to me... "Love" using that
word.. with "I" and "you"... just plain hurt... Most
everyone that claims to love me live so damn far away! They
have never seem me in person, they have never listened to
my voice-... What have most seen?... A digital image, a
faulse image of hope. I am nice to everyone that I meet...
So don't think that it's the reason you might have a
chance... I like to make friends, and for it I pay with men
hormones... For I lose a friend for they studder the
words, "I love you"... and what was built falls... in just
seconds... so Ethan, that is my reply to you...

Dear 'Thomas',

I have no reply, just this. If there is no such thing as
perfect, why wander around the Earth looking for someone
that doesn't exist? Also, what about this, man for a
women... what about those that are not straight? Think
about that.. that is my question for you...

-Amy -5:30PM