Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-05-03 13:45:40 (UTC)

Happy Tuesday

Dearest Master,

this slave is taking Your advice and writing in her journal
before she and the kids start school. Last night was very,
very nice. It all began with the first game of the season,
which resulted in a win! The kids looked great, and really
played together as a team. this slave is really sorry that
You were unable to be there, Master. There is another game
tonight, but this slave knows that You have an interview to
attend, so You probably won't be able to see this one
either. this slave will keep You apprised of every play.

When the kids and this slave returned home, You were home!
It was so good to see You. You had been gone all day, since
before 6:00 AM, because You had training classes all day
long. this slave misses You so much when she can't just
pick up the phone and call You whenever she wants or needs to.

After the kids and this slave finished up all the dishes and
the laundry, she spent some leisure time with them until is
was time for them to go to bed. Then this slave waited
downstairs for You to summon her. You called her up around
9:45, and told her that You wanted her to come back to You
at 10:15, and to bring a glass of water with her. she
smiled to herself. this slave knew that W/we would be
spending some time T/together!

When this slave came up, You dressed her in stockings and
her collars. You tied up her tits and had her put her hair
into ponytails. Then You had her lie back on the bed,
spread her legs, and You rested Your cock against this
slave's heat. Then You began to jack off, and ended up
shooting a very large load of cum all over this slave's
tummy and tits. this slave loves when You cum on her. she
never bothers cleaning it off, unless it interferes with any
other activity You want to engage in. Last night, it did
not, so this slave continued to wear Your cum throughout the
rest of the night. You ended up cumming 2 more times while
You were standing over this slave, and she cupping Your
balls while You jacked off. this slave loves to wear Your cum.

W/we then spent a little time watching tv T/together,
talking about future plans, etc, and then went to bed
T/together. W/we lay awake for quite some time, not
talking, just feeling the warmth and comfort of E/each
O/other's bodies. this slave loves to sleep with You,
Master. You feel so good.

Today is another long day for You. The week will be very
busy for You, having to do a lot of travel each day. this
slave loves You and will miss You very much. Have a great
day Master. this slave is Your loving, loyal, and devoted