Hollow Years
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2005-05-03 10:11:33 (UTC)

Searching for the invisible

I feel ill today so not gone school.
Yesterday i went watching bands at academy it was okay
quite boring...
I miss simon alot :( and i really wish i didnt. He's my
friend and thats it and i want me to see that but i cant i
cant stop the way i feel.
I hate how different it is now.
I know ill never have what i had. I always want to be near
him and i know i can't be...

:( i said i wouldnt smoke again grrrr that didnt work i
must stop.

Only ate a burger yesterday wasnt hungry probally because i
was slightly hung over lol

I wish i knew what i know now last summer..

I wish i had stuck to what i said i always would and not
love someone untill im older.

I wish i had never said it. It would be so much easier now
i could just be friends with him and be okay with it. i
wouldnt want anything more. But i suppose i can't change
the past things would be so different if i could.

I'm scared that if i keep being the way i am and feeling
the way i do when im around him im going to loose him as a
friend aswell. because he is going to get sick of me

Some lad kept saying to me its my birthday can i have a
kiss and they were well annoying me he was about 18 tut.

i can't wait till all my exams are over i am so sick of it
all now.

Well anyway i must eat

Song: From autumn to ahses - Short stories with tragic
Mood: Rather crap