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2005-05-03 08:34:55 (UTC)

the downside of love

i'm concerned about soph. it looks like over the past 8
months she's still been thinking about darrian every
single day. i can tell she loves him. it's heartbreaking.
i say that because she's got such a lovely boyfriend in
mike. he's so nice, bless him. i really don't want her to
go down this road with darrian again because it's gonna
lead to a very, very messy ending and i'm gonna be the one
who's left picking up the pieces. well, i won't be come to
think of it. she'll deal with it by selfharming. i think
she needs to give it 2-3 months, and if at the end of it
she still feels so strongly about him, then TELL mike
about the sitatuion and work from there. i really don't
want her to split with mike just because that fucking jerk
(and trust me..he's trouble) won't leave her alone. her
and mike were ment to come out on saturday night, but they
didn't. i was talking to mike and he hasen't seen her for
a few days, when normally they see each other EVERY single
day. i'm worried about the whole situation.
the love she has for him is blinding her. it's not making
her think straight. the love she has for him is probably
what'll break mike's heart and shatter it into tiny,
little pieces, which'll probably cause him to self-
destruct. and dya know what the scary & quite ironic
thing? in the end, the love she has for him is,
ultimately, the thing what's going to absolutely destroy


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