Master Joel

Master & slave
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2005-05-03 03:03:10 (UTC)

home & sick


i now realise the effects of my week end were increased by
the fact that i also have contacted a very heavy cold. i
was feeling a little under the weather before week end so
made a really bad mistake by much for the old
timers advice to drown the germs in alcohol. :( i tried to
work today but my staff sent me home like i had the plague.
nice people..hehe.

right now i just want to be held close and comforted. i
have tried to contact Master a couple times but He is busy
doing what needs to be done. i left Him messages which i
hope He finds or even understands with my gravelly voice.

i love my Master so much. i adore Him. i desire Him. He
kept the finding of His new place to live to Himself until
yesterday. it was such a surprise to me. He considered what
i would want and need. He is such a thoughtful Master. i
ask myself continually how i got to deserve such a great

i dont see anything special in myself. but i can see all
His specialness. i dont understand why He has found His
search for a slave so hard. He has everything a slave could
ask for. well everything this slave could ask for. maybe
it was written in Oour life plans long before either of Uus
were even twinkles in Oour fathers eyes? fate cant be
explained. it happens. but was it fate or the power of
prayer? i was not a very religious person but i am
beginning to question that. Master's parents are church
goers. maybe they will take me along and show me the way?
just thoughts but i will discuss with Master when i get to
speak with Him again.

i wish i could speak with Master now. i feel so sad and
lost and lonely and i need my Masters comforting words. i
love Master Joel with everything i am and everything i can

Master Joels collared slave jessica.

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