alone and adored
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2005-05-03 02:55:49 (UTC)


wow the contender is my freakin favorite show... i always
wondered if i would make a good boxer... cuz you can only
rely on yourself.. theres noone to push you across the
finish line.. its kill or be killed and actualyl i think i
would totally thrive on that (like that time i actually got
into a street fight).. except im a pussy little bitch and
if i start boxing now everyone will be like "oh she just
watches too much tv"... ill start rowing soon. and fuck
everyone...im sick of worrying and bitching and moaning..
ill start rowing when schools over or something and row cuz
i like it...
oh news... i got a madonna(/monroe) its hot as hell
anyway... ive decided im gonna have to date a boxer because
theyre hot... this is an arbitrary entry because i havnt
written in a while be be sure when i find something to piss
about ill make it good

-pz out.. today was cool

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