Justin Flames

month of February
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2005-05-03 02:17:42 (UTC)


a task to create a formidable future
just to amuse, ever so gently
the warrior within

to be the one to understand self
to make the most out of what's been given
create more out of what's been created
a gift: the minute, hour, day of each year
time to make time

passion in dreams
to carry them from the inside to out
share it with the world
..after you shared it with yourself
wisdom in giving birth to decisions
alterations that mold the future

passion in resistance
understanding others, even if not quite what is in
--to you and your goals
to resist is to understand with an open mind
to resist with mal intent is to undermine one's abilities
-including their's

the borders you draw in yourself
are the ones that show for every step you take
-both on the inside and out

to end something....

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