Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2005-05-02 23:54:03 (UTC)

I'm alone again...well not entirely

Yes Astrid and I broke up a few weeks ago. I haven't
been online in a while because I'm having to still put up
with it all. I was single for about month, though even
though I told her I was sick of love for awhile. And no, I
did not rush myself into anything. In fact, the very day
Astrid broke up with me, she asked me out. I refused of
course as to not let myself repeat the same mistake as last
I let about a month and one weeks time pass before I
made my decision. I am happy being her... though I am not
yet deeply in love with her yet of course. It will take
some time before something like that happens... but I can
see how much she cares for me. She makes me smile a lot and
really, I want to meet her in person soon someday...I'm
talking about Martha. Yes... THE Martha... the girl thats
been in love with me for over 3 years.
She lives in texas, and shes hispanic too. Shes very
cute, kind, romantic, and... well she makes me feel wanted
and happy. She's had these feelings for me for a long time
now, and I thought maybe I will give her a chance. And yet
even when I told her it would be a long time before we
meet, she said she would wait as long as it takes. But time
will prove just how much her patience and faith in me
actually is. well thats all for now bye until later in life

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