Master Joel

Master & slave
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2005-05-02 23:15:10 (UTC)

slaves pleas acceptable

Dear slave jessica, Your pleas for my forgiveness are given
and answered as we chatted about on sunday.

For those reading parts of chat on saturday morning were
almost comical( and a pay back for my rotten typing skills,
YES ALL KARMA WORKS) but the worry over my slave's well
being was a huge concern. I know I am overly concerned
about my slave but trust us there were reasons for concern.
she did know this and medical issues that could have come
up. Also I admit a strong bias in my feelings for my slave
and how irreplaceable she is.

But she came through weekend a bit rough and sure her body
made her pay...but she is ok. I won't lie and say I was not
disappointed on saturday morning...we have communication
problems caused by time, our committments, and
telecommunication hardware issues...Know business I would
invest in if I could.

but slaves self punishment and the punishment of missing
talk really was worst punishment for my slave.
she has admitted her fault in the issue, begged forgiveness
as a good slave should and has recieved forgiveness,
punishment parts of it will be spread out to allow other
issues to not be a concern.

I am still well pleased with my slave and consider this a
step in her training, and learning. I am sure next time she
will better proiritize things and not forget chances given
to her.

Other things in my life and they concern slave are comming
to be in such strange but good ways.
Had to move by end of month due to issues of onwer of my
apt had brought upon himslef, found better place, same
money and will fit into my and slaves needs quite well.

A good home for my slave when she comes to visit and move
here full time. I look forward to both so much.
Master Joel