Flying on broken wings
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2005-05-02 21:33:41 (UTC)

desk diary

Dear dairy,

Life doesn't always go as we want it to, sometimes it give
us a bad hand, and we plumet to the ground in broken hopes.-
...^-^;; I have to go pee ~sigh~ class is soooooo! boring!
well I made a real good grade on my test, and David didn't
make a zero this time! Our teacher gave us cookies because
the whole class, other than David, got an 'a'! Jeremy is so
cute... I wish he was as innocent as he smees when asleep.
He is so sweet... yet when awake he is a monster, and seems
almost mad yet-... he has touched me before in class... In
the dark he rubs through my pants... but I can't speak up,
for I will not be expelled. Well it doesn't happen anymore.
~shrugs~ Josh! *rolls her eyes* I think he was my brother
in a different life! He acts like one. We are copying down
definitions, but as you... I still need to go potty.

Well thats all that I wrote for that day, in school that
is. Well thats all, um it's 4:33PM right now, and I have a
major headache.. okay bye for now

-Amy -4:33PM

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