~*~Thoughts of a Freak~*~
2005-05-02 17:12:38 (UTC)


Well Randy did move out. He left John. Now I kind of wish
he would have taken him. We have been getting in a lot of
fights lately. I can't stand him most of the time. He is
just tooooooooo childish. He started mouthing at me
yesterday and he put his crotch in my face while I was the
phone with Fred. Fred wasn't to happy about that. He also
called me a slut and a bitch and Fred wasn't happy about
that either. thursday sucked. All we did was sit around
and talk then went to bed. Friday night Chelsea, Matt, and
Jennifer stayed the night. All we did was watch movies.
Saturday we did the same thing but I baby sat. I am
getting paid today. Sunday was alright. Sunday night I
went to Jessica's because they were partying for Boomer.
He is about to leave to Oklahoma then to Germany. I am
going to miss that ol' fool. He is engage to LaTonya. She
is so sweet. Her twim LaToyia is awesome. I am not really
sure if I like their friend Lisa. But who knows. Lucas
acts alot different now that he is living with Susan and
Kendra. I really don't like Susan. But oh well. My mom
has been alright since Randy left. She still has her
moments. But its all good. OMG! I can't eat lunch today.
lol. I have already charged tooooo much. I woke up late
today. 7:35... I didn't even have time to put on eyeliner.
I was so mad. Jessica bought me a new knife. It black with
a skull and it says special forces. And the blade is
black. That is really awesome. Keri says that she thinks I
have alot of guys wanting me. But I dont think I do... But
oh well. I guess I better bounce...... Laterz