*~*Silent Tears*~*

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2005-05-02 14:37:33 (UTC)

Back again

Hey all! It's me, back again. Don't really think there's
too much to say, but oh well, I am writing just
because . . . there is nothing to say. I did really
crappy on my harp thing. . . again. Sigh. It sucks that
way. I played the first piece extremely well, but the
second one, I nothing short of crusified. Man, I sounded
so bad. I got a few pity claps after that one, but that
was it. Dang it sucked, and I had a good change of
winning too. Sigh. Playing infront of people really
isn't my thing. But yeah it was okay, until I got home.
I started doing some hw, and then went to the kitchen to
hear my mom way something to my dad that really pissed me
off, (yeah I know, I am like that a lot, your point?)
Seriously, if it was you, you would be pissed off too.
Cuz I took a break from harp at teh beginning of 8th grade
and tried voice lessons, for some pocessed reason, and
theN I got back into harp in the second half of that
school year with a new teacher. Anyway, when I was with
the other teacher, there was a friend of mine who started
a few years after I did, which was cool. However in the
time I stopped playing, Oliva got really good, which is
great for her, I am actually really proud of her. What
bugged me was that my mom was pointing that out to my dad,
cuz Oliva was at the compition too, but in a level higher
than me. My mom was all like she was better than me, and
how that must mean I am not improving fast enough, or I
have problems or am not applying myself. Man that just
bugs me, cuz she is alway like, just do the best you can
and only work to make yourself better, not compare
yourself to others, cuz we are all different. Yes I know,
but then she was a freakin hypocrite. Yeah, I know that
is harsh, she really isn't that bad, it just bugged me.
But not all is bad, actually many things are pretty good.
Umm got to go. C ya some other time. Bye!

*~*Silent Tears*~*

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