Wanna taste?
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2005-05-02 11:52:20 (UTC)


Wow... it's been a long while since I wrote in here, since tha site
was down or whatever was wrong with it... but anyways...
How's everyone? I'm great, very bored... but great... I think. I am
currently sittin in my 2nd block class... even though it's not even
time for 1st block yet... but yea, this is where i sit in tha morning
because we now have remediation from 8 - 8:30 so i stay in here
from 7:30(when i get here) til 8:30 (when we go to first block)... so
wow, do i have a wonderful life.
Oh yeah, tha great news... I dropped my motherfucking cell phone
in a lake!!!!! That really pisses me off like so damn bad... but tha
good news is that I got all of tha phone back except for tha battery..
which was lost at tha bottom of tha lake... but my aunt has a phone
almost exactly like mine... so, I tried her battery in my phone after it
dried out-bka this morning before i got to school- and guess what?!
tha motherfucker is WORKING!!!! so, i'ma use her battery this
afternoon to get ALL my numbers and dates off of there... probly
about 200 phone numbers and a buncha dates so I need those
and then I'm getting a new phone... WOOHOO!!! yay.... but
anyways... I'm gonna leave for now... so yea..
1 life, much love, xoxo

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