1000 Pieces of My Life
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2005-04-29 03:04:03 (UTC)

HELP!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is about Summer Flings

I kno its not summer, but I'm kinda confused about what I should do. There
is this really cute girl that I really like that lives like 4 hours away from me,
and she likes me and wants to "go out..." but im not really wanting to have a
gf that lives 4-5 hrs away when all we can do is chat and stuff, so im not sure
wut to tell her and i really want help. I have absolutely no idea wut to do. I
like her, but im not sure this is wut i really want. I want to be able to have
other choices and not feel bad about it if i like a girl that lives nearby and
goes to the same school. Help please if u can or have any ideas. Please. I
dont kno what to do and im not sure if any1 will help, but mayb they will.
Anyhoo... please if u read this and have an idea... respond... i need help really