How To Be Dead

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2005-04-28 23:10:37 (UTC)


Whoa, I'm extremely bored so I'm going to tell you guys
about my teachers..haha lucky people!

Miss McKelvey - Maths - She's a nice teacher and all but
she has no control over the class...

Ms Hickey - English - She very bad English teacher, me
thinks she need change job cause i learn not much English
in years gone...

Inion Ni Raghlagh - Irish - Awwh, I love her. She's soo
nice and a deadly teacher tho my Irish still sucks =)!

Mr McKelvey - Biology - This guy is unbelieveable boring.
I hate Biology. I hate him. Ugh!

I don't wanna talk about the rest of my teachers cause I'm

Why I just told you all about my teachers, I don't know.
But it's my diary so shut up whore.

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