Hate This & I'll Love You
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2005-04-28 20:08:52 (UTC)

Truth I

ok for the first time ever. this diary has gone private. and
when it comes back to public this post will be deleted

well im meetin up with hannah on sat and i have no idea wot
we are gonna do, but to be frank i dont care. i like being
with hannah. i like hannah. and i feel tht in some way we
compliment eachother and we are better together than alone.
i know she duznt like me the same way i like her but i dont
mind, as long as we are friends we can help eachother. i
feel guilty tho, she is helping me way more than im helping her.

but this is where the good bit ends. now on saturday - is
joining us. i cant stand -. the day will probably be shit.
but lets see.

il get back to you.


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