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2005-04-28 14:42:26 (UTC)

Deed Done For The Day

I got the deed done today. I haven't said anything about
this person in my diary before so this will be long. There
is a guy at work that likes to think we're really good
friends. He always seems to be in my business. He's even
met my parents before. Well I told him today that he has to
stop being so personal with me. I told him in a few short
months I won't even be working here anymore. He'll probably
never see me or talk to me again. He didn't take it well.
He ended up buying me candy and acting like nothing
happened. I had to tell him again. I don't want you buying
me anything and I don't want any emails from you. All I
want is to be friendly with him and nothing more. He gets
mad and says this is stupid and something happened to make
me like this. I told him yea, you and your big mouth. He
said some things to my mom not to long ago. He gave my mom
the impression that the baby was his. There is no way I
would touch him, not even with a 10 foot pole. I told him
that's the way it has to be. I guess he's mad or upset
because he didn't sit where he normally does during break.
I don't understand why he's so upset. We're just friends at
work and nothing more. Unless he wants it to be more, but
like hell would that ever happen. I guess I'll just have to
see what happens. I just figured I better do this now then
wait for when I have the baby so I don't have to worry
about him calling the house or anything. I'm glad I'm
leaving for Florida tomorrow. Atleast I won't have to put
up with it next week.

In other husband and I went shopping yesterday
for stuff for the trip. He seemed to be in a really good
mood. He was very playful. I love it when he's like that.
The bad thing is that he'll probably go back to being
really depressed when he has to go back to work. I hope and
pray he gets over this depression soon. I can't stand to
see him like this. I don't know what to do for him, but be
as loving and understanding as possible. I asked him last
night if he'd talk to anyone from the game recently. The
reason why I asked is because I noticed that msn messenger
had been used. He said he talked to Joyce a few days ago. I
asked which one is that. He said Britnee. I don't think he
talked to her very much on the game. I was trying to make
polite conversation about it. He says I know why you ask.
He's right, I'm nosey. I get insecure when he talks to
women online. I probably always will be too. Especially
after what happen with that bitch. Ohh...if everyone wants
to know why I'm so hateful about her, it's because she
tried to play my husband during a very vulnerable time in
his life. She pretended to want to help him with his
marriage. When actually she was trying to tear us apart.
I've found out some things about her. I wish I knew her
last name so I could find out more. Still searching for
that. But I found out she "advertises" being divorced, when
actually she's still married. She has all kinds of personal
ads online. That's where I found that out. OK, enough on
that. My blood starts to boil when I think about her. I
find myself worried about what will go on at night when I
start working part-time. I mean my husband will be in the
house by himself with the kids. What if he goes back to
playing the game? Or maybe IM the women from the game all
night? He could easily hide something like that from me if
I'm not there to see it. I know I have several months
before that happens so I guess I'll wait and see how things
go with him and how often he talks to these people between
now and then. I don't care if he talks to them a couple
times a week for a LITTLE while. Not hours on end, but how
will I know? Worry, worry, worry, that's all I do!!!!