My Aphrodisiac
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2005-04-28 03:19:18 (UTC)

"Excuse Me Miss"

Excuse me...
How dare you come all up in my space fillin' me with all
this bullish
You know I don't get down like that
My heart?
You want it?
I'm sorry, but it's broken into a million pieces
Do you care to pick them up and mend them together again?
I take that back...
You can't even do that
The last time...
You don't wanna hear it?
Well I just told it...
What you gon' do now?
Treat me the way a lady should?
Wine and dine me?
Buy me the finer things in life?
Yeah, right...
Just like the last guy
He had it mapped out for me and everything
But in the end I was the one giving
He, he took from me
My heart, my soul, and in the end...
Me, I was left in the cold
Metaphorically speaking
Cuz I was HOT!
No, I was pissed!
Feel me?
A chance...?
With you?
But I don't even know you like that be cont'd

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