Inquiring minds want to know.....
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2005-04-28 03:09:51 (UTC)


Okay, I realize that I haven't always been the best
daughter, granddaughter, neice, sister, etc etc.... I know
I have hurt people and i've made mistakes. However, I'm
still someones daughter granddaughter, neice, sister etc
etc. So why is it that no one in my family acknowledges me
anymore?? I mean, okay when I lived in Gaylord and my
mother didn't call, i got pissed, but it was definetly
understandable. I mean I could handle it because I was
distance for her and I understood that...Now though, I
live ten minutes from her.... You'd think maybe every now
and then she or my sister would pick up the phone just to
say hi or something. NO.... I call them but no one ever
calls me. no one comes to see me. My mom is on the
at least two hours out of the day and yet I get no emails.
I call my grandmother and my aunt and all, but no one
me. they all say they will, but no one does. I don't
understand why the hell I'm the bad one. Because I finally
made a decision in my life that made me happy? because for
one moment I didn't worry about how everyone else felt?
know, for most of my damned life I've been taking care of
everyone else. Always worried about hurting someones
feelings.... instead, I became that unhappy one because I
was trying to make everyone else happy. So I moved away
people! GET OVER IT ALREADY! my aunt stole all my cds and
videos and my dvd player, but have I said a damn thing?
My grandmother takes it upon herself to make snippy
backhanded comments but do i tell her off.No. I'm polite.
keep my mouth shut. When what i should really do is tell
everyone what a piece of shit they really are. they all
there and talk behind each others backs and then suck up
each other till they get what they want.. at least i have
the decency to not ask for anything...Why would I want
anything from them anyway? This is my life and I am
certainly capable of living it without their help.... The
thing i don't understand though, is with that family, the
more you shit on each other the closer you are but if you
are perfectly nice and respectful, you become enemy number
one.... I'm so
sick of being the bad one.... I am so sick of having to
back and be reminded of all the things i don't have from
people that only have what they have because someone else
bought it.... jody and matt wouldn't be living on their
if mommy and daddy hadn't bailed them out of debt so many
times...fuck man.... i'm just sick of it all.... i just
want to disown them all.... it figures, the one man that i
dispised all my life turns out to be the only decent one
the bunch....I love my ....Anyway...later!!!