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2005-04-28 02:26:52 (UTC)

my birthday is tomorrow and only 17 school days left til graduation... times are good

Nothing of particular interest has been happening as of
late... I got my hair cut yesterday... I only had her
take like an inch off the length, but I got the layers put
back in and it looks pretty good I guess... I'm so sick
of my hair.. I kinda wanted to get it all chopped off, but
I figured I should wait to do that until after graduation
just in case I don't like it or something...

My birthday is tomorrow!!! I'm finally turning 18 years
old!! Not that it really makes a real big difference for
me anyway, but still... Legal is legal.

17 school days left until Graduation!!! I'm so insanely
ready to be done with fricken high school... I just can't
do it anymore. There's no part left in me that wants to
do anything even remotely relating to anything we do in
school... I just can't handle it anymore. Fucking
senioritis... it's a legitimate condition, I swear to

I guess that's about it for now... Tomorrow and Friday
should be awesome, so there'll be lots to talk about..
(probably not really though).

"Fucking senioritis." -lol, that one's from me

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