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2005-04-28 02:26:11 (UTC)

No Jamie, Here's Jazzfest

Because I haven't been able to hang with Jamie. My life's
been dull and boring. Not that bad, actually, but I do
miss him. Last Thursday night he invited me to his house
after work to hang, and when I arrived his roommate Doug
was in tears because Duke was hit by a car and it was his
fault. Jamie had run off with a friend. I wanted so
badly to comfort him and be there for him, but he wasn't
there. The next day I found out he called Nadia at 3:00am
and she went over there. WHy her? That kinda hit a
jealousy spark. But then Friday night was cool- I met up
with Josh and a bunch of O'cHucks people at CHili's and
Josh and I met this cool chic Andrea.
Andrea. She's really cute- very outdoorsy- much like me-
kidna Jamie but a girl. I was drunk Friday and was able
to forget about Jamie. Andrea, her ex Ashley, Josh and I
got high in the parking lot and that was fun. Saturday
night she came over to Josh's with me and then i ditched
her to go to Jamie's. Monday afternoon after work she
brought me flowers and we went hiking. She really digs
me. I can tell it upsets her that I'm with Jt, though.
Jamie. I really miss him. WE had fun Saturday night. He
was acting really happy- very hypor- kept calling me "baby
girl" and "dreamgirl" (am I? AM I?) and huggin' me. It
was so wonderful. Come to find out he was snortin' powder
in his room. He offered me a line and I took it. We
drank beer all morning with his roomy and some of his
other friends- listening to smashing pumpkins and alice in
chains. Very peaceful moments. He never has tried to
make a move on me. That sucks because I want him so
WE're going to New ORleans tomorrow for Jazzfest. I'm
gonna see Dave and Widespread Panic. That'll kick ass.
Wish Jamie were coming. I wont see him for a damn while.
I'm sure he'll cope. Every fucking chic wants him- but I
feel I really appreciate him for who he really is. Ok, I
don't know him all THAT well, but I think he's groovier
than anything. I really do think Nadia and him hooked up
at some point- they were sitting close that night- she
actually started smoking weed again. I guess that just
wasn't meant to be.
I won't stop writing. Jamie was really exciting to write
about and maybe if I'm lucky one day I'll write about him
again- but you know how it goes. I hope to have a
wonderful weekend (am I trying to get u to wish me a
wonderful weekend?) and I'm THRILLED to have 3 days off of
work. IT's awesome. YIPEEEE!!! I'll think of Jamie, ok,
i'll TRY not to- and maybe i'll be having too much fun to
even think about the damn hippie- hmmm- there'll be a TON
of hippies at JAzzfest...AWESOME!