How To Be Dead

2005-04-27 22:20:24 (UTC)


I'm Bored =)
Holding Hands,
Lip Piercings,
Tongue Piercings,
Eyes, Lips, Hair And Hands,
I Like Homosexuals,
I Like Black And Red,
I Like Talking To Myself,
I Like Sitting On Walls,
I Like The American Accent,
I Like Avril Lavigne,
I Like Amy Lee,
I Like To Be Alone But My Friends Mean The World To Me,
I Like Feeding Bread To Ducks,
I Like Black Hair,
I Like Ian From LostProphets,
I Like Stripey Socks,
I Like Cute Voices,
I Like The Name Morgan,
I Like Singing In The Shower,
I Like Sitting On My Ass,
I Like Blowing Bubbles,
I Like Sitting On The Floor,
Sinead's My Bestest Friend EVER,
I Like Silver Pens,
I Like Ashley And I Miss Her,
I Like Puddles,
I Like Stuff That Glows In The Dark,
I Like Tormenting People,
I Like Music...

People Who Judge Me Before They Get To Know Me And Really
Low Stuff Like That,
People Who Always Look Down On Others As If They're Better
Than Them In Some Way,
I Don't Like Being Helped,
I Hate Pretty People,
I Hate Talking On The Phone,
I Hate The Queen,
I Hate People Who Look As If They're Wearing An Orange
I Hate Birds,
I Hate When People Ignore Me - It's One Of The Most
Depressing Things Ever,
I Hate Karen Fox,
I Hate When People Say 'Wif' Instead Of 'With' And 'Da'
Instead Of 'The', Though I Love When People Say 'Luff You'
It Sounds Cute...,
I Hate When My Friends Go On Holidays And I'm All Alone,
I Hate Having Goals Cause I Never Acheive Them,
I Hate Attention Whores,
I Hate Being Told What To Do,
I Hate When Ashley Disappears For Ages,
I Hate When My Mam Gives Out To Me,
I Hate School..

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