Wanna taste?
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2005-04-27 11:57:00 (UTC)

Gotta new diary

I gotta new diary.... it's on tha title is "Wanna Taste"
like this one is.... and my name on there is "Candy_SA" i think....
which is cool... I'm sure yall know where tha SA comes from and
Candy....well, duh, obviously.... so yea.....
Today is Wednesday, and I'm really tired and bored... but it's cool
and I think today may be a good day.... maybe... I think I might like
a guy from my 3rd block.... but I'm not very sure... as anyone can
probably tell, I can never make up my mind about what guy I'm
liking.... there's those few who I'm "inlovewith" and then there's
those that I just like.... if Toy reads this, don't ask who it is, I'm NOT
telling you who it is, cuz I'm probably just being bored and don't
really like him, just saying that cuz I don't know what else to talk yea... well, I'm out...
1 life, much love, xoxo