Boo Devil
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2005-04-27 03:30:04 (UTC)

Let's see

Haven't updated in a while..so..I figured I would. Just
been hanging out. Was really sick yesterday, didn't go to
school. Went today though, because I had to go to Elmira
with Nick tonight. Hung out with Corey and Kim. Learned a
few very important lessons. People who know each other are
practically related, right Nick. Oh, and if Kim's mom
says "girls", she's definately referring to the dogs. I
must say, One Tree Hill is a fasinating show. ;-)

Tomorrow, not sure what's up yet. Might have to go help
Nick get a vest for this weekend, cuz he still doesn't
have one. SLACKER! Other than that..I have no idea what's
goin on.

Can't wait for Friday, it should be lots of fun. :-)

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