*~*Silent Tears*~*

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2005-04-27 00:47:48 (UTC)

Sorry I was depressed

Hey! Sorry I was depressed today. I am just doing a lot
of thinking, about the stuff I was talking about in my
Monday entry. I know you guys want to know whats going
on, but I can't tell you anymore right now. There really
wouldn't be too much for you guys to do, and this is a
fight between me and me, a fight I ran away from a long
time ago, and one I have to stand and face now. Yeah,
kind of dramatic explaination, huh? It is not about you
guys in the respect that you didn't do anything. You guys
have not caused anything at all, so no blaming. Sorry you
guys aren't seeing me at my best, I am trying, and for now
that is the very best I can do, so I hope it will be
enough, for everything. I will try to smile more, so
please bare with me a bit, if you can. If not, you are
welcome to take a vacation from being around me, until I
sort this out somehow. You guys have to know that you are
the greatest, but incase you weren't sure, here's a
Eleesa's language, that is a HUGE complement, lol. C ya
guys! ^_~

*~*Silent Tears*~*

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