Autum's Leaves
2005-04-26 21:57:32 (UTC)

Vampires and My Short Temper

Well, I was fine with the Kid. We'd been getting along,
until I found out his beach trip was cancelled and he
decided not to tell me. Today my class had to record
themselves reading a childrens book so they could hear
their diction and whatnot. He wanted to stay in the booth
and help, I told him to leave because I was mad at him. Is
that wrong? Regardless, I was not a happy camper,
especially when I saw him with his girlfriend and I am
beyond confidant that I'm way hotter than her. Plus, her
eyes stick out of her head. But, when I confronted him
about the Prom thing (canididly I might add) he
said, " got cancelled, but I still have a girlfriend."
I thought I was going to slap him. You know, I was just
talking to the kid, I wasn't even hitting on him, in fact
I haven't hit on him since I've known. Ugh.

My reading has consisted lately of the Anita Blake
novels. There's a lot to do with were-people and vampires.
I was thinking, if this were real, if there really were
vamps, I wonder what kind they'd be. The ones that could
rip out your heart and not care or the ones who were just
like us, except for that minor detail that they had to
feed on humans. The ones that were like us, I wouldn't
feel any problem at all befriending them. I don't think
someone should be persecuted for something they were born

I suppose in a lighter sense, it's like being gay. Some
homosexuals are persecuted for something they can't help,
something they were born with. While I was not born gay, I
still have curiosities about other women, just because
sexuality isn't a big deal to me. People can do what they
want as long as it's not hurting someone else, or in the
S&M standpoint, unless they want to be hurt.

This is the second night in a row I've been racked with
headaches. It's been unusually cold, which is affecting my
mood. Sunlight always makes me happy, makes me wonder if I
have any cold blooded relatives. Haha.

Our senior show is tonight and I just feel too tired to
go. I don't have any money and I hate it. I need to turn
in my application to this hotel tomorrow and I'd like to
go by Mast and see if there's still anything open there.

Eh, love can kiss my ass today.