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2005-04-26 21:21:42 (UTC)

poker chips

well this weekend ended way to fast......

today was a bad day to start but a good day to end....

the medicine that i take made me sick to my stomache yet again....and i
threw up at school for the third time this year....bev (my moms
secretary) had to pick me up from school.....

so i spent the day sleeping and watchign tv....and when elena came
home from school i went over to her house...david and his freind todd
were there.....they are 2 sweet kids....

we played poker to see which group wud get the basement.....and me n
elena killed them! (well mainly elena) and the game ended with a poker
chip fight...it was frigging sweet!!!!

i called shaun (my boss) about my gaurd suit today... : D

i am hoping to convince my parents to let me stay with the melvins
memorial day weekend...when they are on there private island for tier
25th wedding anniversary....

some ppl change...and some ppl dont realize how it is hurting someone
that they were once close to....

elena and denti are A-MAZ-ING!

busty is PMSing at me....

sorry i missed ashleys game..... tear

peace love n poprocks
~the rizenator~

PS ::correction:: evans last name is pronounced w-ahh-nus- not way-
ness.... te he... 0 : D