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2005-04-26 18:36:59 (UTC)

singing animals

HAHAHAHA.... Ok so I thought I would share just a tid bit
of my stupidity. I'm sitting in homeroom talking to
Jenelle... and she brings up the time that we were both
drunk. Her boyfriend had fallen asleep on the couch and we
were both in my room looking up some stuff online. So I
guess that 'lonely' song came on. And I guess I was dancing
to it lol. And obviously Jenelle is already looking at me
like I'm dumb because who dances to that song!? And then...
I guess I stopped and I was like "Wait, what animal sings
this song?" And I guess I was being serious to. HAHAHA. I
was dying. i don't remember that for the life of me. God
the things I do when I'm drunk. Jenelle told me that the
person singing the song sounds like a chipmunk... so thats
probably why I said it? HA.... Who knows!!!!

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