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2005-04-26 18:33:29 (UTC)


So school sucked this morn because I was so tired. I went
to the gym at like 10:30 last night and got home at 12. I
am determined to go every single day this week. So i fell
asleep around 1:30. The only nice thing about last night
was that I fell right asleep. I love those nights! OMG this
morning I had mature adult psych. and mrs. ware is my
teacher. Okay I wore capris, with a cami and a button up
over it. I walked in and she saw my stomach showing
obviously because I had been walking...and she was like "if
u dont do something about your shirt you are going to have
to go to the deans." So i pulled it down. Not a big deal.
Now my cami was NOT there was no clevage. Don't
you know that in the middle of class mrs ware's phone rings
and she points to me telling me that ms. haggman wants me.
OK? So i didn't even think about my outfit... I'm going
through my head what I possibly could have done wrong...
cuz im a goody two shoes and I never get in trouble. lol.
Hey at least I'm honest. So I go in her office... and she
looks me up and down. And she was like umm susanne what is
wrong with your outfit!? I was like OMG!!!! I had no clue
because I didnt see her call the she must have
emailed her or some stupid shit. And ms. Haggman told me
that my outfit was fine and that I had nothing to worry
about. JESUS. I wanted to rub it in Mrs. Ware's face!! Why
are people so pathetic!? In english me and Jill made a very
good point. It was during the fire drill that we saw this
girl wearing like a tube top...with a bra... for straps
obviously.And lets just say it did NOT compliment her body!
See maybe teachers should be a little more worried about
those kids rather than a little mid-drift showing. GOD!!!!
Okay so anyways... Math wasnt so bad after all. I have to
stay after tomorrow. UGH and I really dont want to. I need
to make up a test and a quiz I think. both of which I know
nothing on I'm sure. oh well. So I left early today. came
home, changed and worked out. I only ran today so I have
some time to spare before I go to work. YAY. ha this is
about the only free time I have today. I wanna take a nap
but I cant. :( I have to work 4-8 tonight... and when i get
home natalie is coming over so we can do our stupid
project. FUN..