Master's bliss

Master's bliss
2005-04-26 18:33:08 (UTC)

Feeling good

my Dearest, Loving Master,

this slave is feeling good today. There are issues in O/our
L/lives, as there always is, but this slave feels peaceful
and at ease, safe in Your arms. Even when W/we are apart,
this slave still feels Your Loving presence. You are Lord,
Master, and Hero to this slave, and she is so blessed to
belong to You.

W/we are currently conducting a job search for You. this
slave knows that there is something good out there for You;
a position that is worthy of Your talent, and a boss that is
worthy of Your positive attitude. Some people just can't
appreciate what a gem they have working for them.

Conducting a job search for You is starting to awaken
feelings in this slave's own mind. this slave loves being
at home for You, taking care of and schooling the children,
however, at times, she misses working outside the home.
this slave is torn. she knows that You want her to be
happy, and You will support whatever direction this slave
wants to take. this slave is just not sure what it is that
will make her happiest. Above all, she knows she wants to
continue home schooling. Maybe this slave is just being
crazy, since she already seems to not have enough hours in
the day. What do You think, Master? What should this slave do?

After yesterday's entry, this slave thought she would not
have to be making another confession so quickly, but alas,
she made the same mistake last evening as she did last
Friday night. she was on her way to fulfill a command for
You, but the kids interrupted and took her mind off what she
was trying to do. Instead of putting them off for a few
minutes, she took care of what they needed, and then took
care of Your request. she did not do this consciously.
When the kids started arguing, she had to step in, and that
took her mind off the task she was performing for You. this
slave is very, very sorry, and she will try, once again, to
think before putting anyone or anything before You. Thank
You for forgiving me, and keeping things good between U/us.
Thank You for taking the love and care to punish me when i
deserve it.

Master, this slave loves and misses You so much when You are
not here. she really misses You on days like this when You
have to work so late, but at the same time she really
admires Your work ethic. You are a man of honor and integrity.

this slave must sign off for now. this slave loves and
adores You so much, Master. she is, and will always be Your
loving, loyal and devoted slave-pet,


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