Enter My World...
2005-04-26 14:18:39 (UTC)

The Final Straw

man, sunday night was good. me, soph and mike went to
laughtons. the goths there were fucking fantastic. the
music was awesome. soph/mike were great. john, sam & adam
were all hilarious...just a perfect night. a lot better
than the night before...

...basically, on saturday night i was out with the usual
(well, laila came through)..me and sare had no money, so
we always go in2 rosies before u have 2 pay. anyway, we
went to shambles first (hmm, i wonder why..lg does
EVERYTHING what laila want's to fucking do. it's pathetic.
lg even started smoking a joint. i mean C'MON..lmao...),
and it got to like
10:40. we went to rosies, and we had to wait because there
was a queue...it wasn't going down. it got to 11 and we
had to pay. we were still waiting and i was telling sara
in the queue that we couldn't get in, so we might as well
go to the club and wait for them (we had free passes for
the club), anyway, laila turned around and said "well, i
don't mind paying for sara to get in"..i was like ermm, if
you've got something to say, say it, love. so..that REALLY
pissed me off. i told sara i'd wait outside, so off they
all went. it got to about 11:50..they weren't out (i'd
been waiting for ages by this time), and the free passes
only count up until midnight. i left. i as so pissed off,
cold and just...embarrassed, that i left. it really was
the final straw. i'm officialy no longer apart of
the "group of 4" (me, sara, ben and lg)..now it's only lg,
sara and ben. i'll last out the holiday, and they all go
to uni. i really couldn't care less now. oh yeah, ben was
apparantely laughing at the fact
that i was outside, waiting. i ain't even gonna comment on

so, yeh..an eventful weekend. sunday cancelled saturday
out. i love soph so much. mike's fantastic, aswell. just
an awesome, awesome night. her and mike are coming out on
saturday, thankfully. i'm just gonna talk to them all
night (obviously sara, aswell, but lg and ben can piss
off), so it should be interesting.

half n hour 'til i catch my bus & then HOME. YEY!