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2005-04-26 11:53:17 (UTC)

Tuesday 4-26-2005

OK, so today is Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday because we
didn't have to come to school yesterday.... but anyways,
I haven't wrote anything in a while, so I figured that I should write at
least a couple lines to let my beloved fan base know that I'm ok....
so yea, here you go... I'm tired and sick(pollen is kicking my ass!! I
hate pollen!! It should die and burn in allergy hell!!!!!) but anyways,
How was everyone's weekend? Mine was alright, if I do say so
myself.... I didn't do too much of anything except tha following...

went to tha flea market, hung out with my cousin and her little
friend, who by the way, neither of them made tha cheerleading
squad... so I had to deal with tha ups and downs of defeat and
rejection-i.e.-why didn't I get it? There were girls who sucked so
bad and they made it and I didn't! That's ok, I didn't want to be a
cheerleader anyways!! I'll just try out next year and practice all this
summer for that. Cheerleading is so stupid, and so is EJH!! and
so forth and so on......, went to church, had a guest preacher... he
was so AWESOME!!, went to youth meeting at Camp Millstone,
instead of the church, came home,went to sleep, Almost slept late
yesterday, if my grandparents hadn't woke me up early...., was sick
yesterday, from satanic allergies, read some of my book-"Living
with Charles Manson", met a new friend online-Phoenix-who is an
amazing guy with some unbelievable talent for photography,
poetry, words, and anything else he damn well pleases come to
think of it.... but yea, so I like him alot....we have ALOT in common.
checked my site, had few messages left for me.... :-( , talked to
MoMo about Friday's show, which sucked because P.S.'s car
broke down on tha way there, so they had to deal w/out him.... :-(,
hhhmmmmmm....what else, slept, listend to music, mainly SA, and
that's about all....

So yea, that was my weekend in a nutshell, and I don't mean to
brag, but I think I've gotta pretty sweet life, so yea......But anyways,
I'm really tired and I plan to sleep thru remediation.... so I'll type
more later... I leave you with one thing that I got from Phoenix, and
I'll probably add more on later, so everyone can appreciate his
talent, I don't like being selfish.....

Unbelievable, Undesirable, Unforsaken, Unforeseen,
Endless Everything, Even Existence
Eager Esape, Easy Eve.
Fall Tomorrow, Fall Forever, Fall for Feeling, Fall For me.
Love Me Love One, Loving Lover.
Love to Love the dream.
-Benjamin Phoenix

Now, does this dude have some words in him or what?!? Well, hit
me up sometime, just to chat, cuz half tha time, I'm bored as hell...
so yea,
1 life, much love, xoxo