Diana's Online Diary
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2005-04-26 03:26:57 (UTC)

The poem

My Angry Sadness

I met you in south Jersey, one beautiful fall day
I exclaimed “whoa” cause you took my breath away
Soon we were together, time seems to move so fast
To you it doesn’t matter now, because it’s all in the past
You never opened up to me, things soon fell apart
You never let me in, we got a rotten start
Our lives were so busy, you said you’d never change
It was your priorities, you just wouldn’t rearrange
You never tried to kiss me, I never met your folks
I was sure you didn’t want me, your affection I could not
The timing was all wrong for us, we weren’t ready then
I know that I rushed you, and that led to our end
I had waited so long to be with you, see I wanted you from
the start
Maybe I asked too much from you, putting pressure wasn’t
You thought my eyes turned to another, before you and I
were through
But even in our last moments, I still only wanted you
You made up lame excuses, for why you had to go
What really came between us, I guess I’ll never know
But now things have changed for you, it really makes me mad
Every day I’m faced with it, it really makes me sad
You made your mistakes with me, then found someone new
Why is it with her, you know just what to do?
You spend so much time with her, you quit all your jobs
Why couldn’t you do that for me, it would’ve solved all
our probs
I want us back together, I want to hold you tight
Because it’s you I think about, each and every night
You never tell me how you feel, I guess you don’t know how
You didn’t want me when you had me, so why would you want
me now
I hate to see you with her, because to me it makes no sense
You don’t see how it hurts me, you must be really dense
You think we can be friends, who support one another
But don’t you see I love you, from now until forever?
I see now what is happening, you’re my one that got away
Maybe in time this pain will cease, on some beautiful fall
I’m writing these words to tell you, we both lost our
To have what could have been an everlasting romance
So goodbye to you, it’s time for me to go
The endless love I would have given you, now you’ll never

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