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2005-04-26 02:56:55 (UTC)

Canada at Gallipoli/Great Big Sea - Recruiting Sargeant

Technically, it wasn't part of Canada yet back then,
Newfoundland...but it is now, so it all gets swallowed up,
I guess.

One of my all-time favourite songs - I never go for the
light and fluffy - all my favourites tend to have heavy
meanings or events in them. This one always makes me
sad, despite the fact that the actual tune is rather

"Recruiting Sargeant" - Great Big Sea

"Recruiting Sargeant"

Two recruiting sergeants came to the CLB,
for the sons of the merchants, to join the Blue Puttees
So all the hands enlisted, five hundred young men
Enlist you Newfoundlanders and come follow me

They crossed the broad Atlantic in the brave Florizel,
And on the sands of Suvla, they entered into hell
And on those bloody beaches, the first of them fell

So it's over the mountains, and over the sea
Come brave Newfoundlanders and join the Blue Puttees
You'll fight in Flanders, and at Galipoli
Enlist you Newfoundlanders and come follow me

Then the call came from London, for the last July drive
To the trenches with the regiment, prepare yourselves to
The roll call next morning, just a handful survived.
Enlist you Newfoundlanders and come follow me


The stone men on Water Street still cry for the day
When the pride of the city went marching away
A thousand men slaughtered, to hear the King say
Enlist you Newfoundlanders and come follow me

[Chorus x3]