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2005-04-25 23:50:25 (UTC)

hey yall

hey yall its been a long weekend..
let me start with friday
friday- i took a half day because i had an algebre test
which i got like a 72 on. i thought i would of done much
better and i was a little ticked off at myself for it...
but oh well. anyways i got a half day because my dad was
home and he wanted to spend some time with me so he took
me fishing. it was fun.. first time for me to actually got
trout fishin. we got home around 11 because we went to my
grand pops and ate supper.. then ifell asleep because i
had a full belly and we were watching nascar.. ZzZzZZz.

saturday- i woke up around 8 30 i think then i got out
of bed somewhere around 9.. my bed was warm and my room
was cold so i just layed there. then i had to help my
gramma with her move. we had to take some crap over to her
new house.. and then dad decided he wanted to go fishing
again. so we went fishing. first i caught a TREE because i
casted to hard.. it was kinda funny 2 me dad didnt really
think so.* he has no sense of hummore* anyways.. later i
caught my first trout. it was 13 inches long. i was going
to keep it but i havent had much luck cathing them so i
released him back into the water.. it was awesome watching
him swim away. i never realize how well they blend in with
the water.. then we went home and i called catt she was at
tims.. and we talked for a few.. then we got of the phone
and then icalled her later and i was gunna go down but it
was 2late she was already gone. so i was like shucks..
ohwell she called me later and told me about her night..
sounds like she had a awesome time jokin on ronnies new
g/f.. the girl he left her for.. sounds like she butt
ugly! lol. and im think what a dumb ass why would u do
that? but i wouldnt of had a chance with catt if he didnt
so i kinda thank him for being dumb. i had a crush on her
for awhile. before we started dating.. i about 2 start
talkin 2 her more. but then i found out her and ron were
dating so i just backed off. *oh shit im off subject*..

sunday- ok sunday.. i helped my grandma again with her
move.. this is starting to be a pain in the ass. we helped
her move some boxes and bring of the rest of her crap over
to her house.. finally got 2 see the inside of her house..
it was nice.then grandma started 2 piss me off she gets
annoyin after away.. naging and naging it gets old. then
she mention the outlet she wanted me 2 fix for her infront
of dad and she new i was going 2 do it. but she wanted to
be a pain in the ass and make my dad get on my ass about
it.. so went home and dad cooked sausage and onions
andgreen peppers while i fixed the outlet. finally i had
the outlet all fixed up ready to turn the power back on.
and it didnt work.. so my dad comes and checks it out. and
gets all pissed off callin me dumb and shit.. and i raised
my voice back at him and said it was acksident.. and he's
like dont raise your voice at me.. for 1 thing im older
than you and im twice your size.. and im thinkin 2
myself.. so im suppose to be scard.. what u gunna do hit
me again like down in virginia.. go a head hit. me.. bet
ull be surprised wheni knock your ass outthen leave and go
down to the police station *ASSHOLE*!! i was so pissed
off.. i started cryin. so i left and went down 2 the creek
and waited for him 2 leave.. he left like 30 minutes
later.. how conveniont.. i was so fuckin cold down there!
i was ready to go back inside and warm up... so i went
inside and fell asleep. later the phone woke me up around
4ish and i thought it was catt so i called her but she
said it wasnt her. so iwas like oh.. i was kinda of out of
it. then later we hooked up after she ate supper and
watched a movie. it was great.. i missed her so much and
it felt so good seeing her and being able 2 kiss her..
exspecially after what happen earlier with me and my dad.
it was great i had a blast!!

well im gunna go.. ill write more someday.. later

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