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2005-04-25 20:20:27 (UTC)

Day 39

mood:okish...make that shit now! cos i jus fort 2 much!

i gota du a peace of origanal ritein 4 2mora, i gota du it
gud 2 so i can get an B on it like the rest so i will get
the english grade i reli didnt think i wud get. i dont
rlei wana du it bbut i gota! an i gota go 2 a interview at
college 2mora, i hope it goes ok but i fink it will. i
reli wana go 2 6th form tho! even tho i no its probly beta
4 me 2 go straight 2 college but i dont wana! its reli
wierd cos i dont reli l;ike it at skool that much but i
dont wana leave cos i dont like change! ui duno y i wana
stay ther but i jus du! i was thinkin bout it alot 2day an
im thinkin alot reli...i dont hav a clu hu i am or hu im
guna b an i dont reli like myself! i shud b workin but im
not! its like maybe i dont rlei want 2 achieve nefin or i
wud b tryin but i du!!! my ultermate bk up plan is 2 marry
sum guy hu wont leave me an have kids an be the stay at
home mum while i childmind! an that soudns rlei gr8 but
wher the hell am i guna find that guy!! a m8 sed i cud get
any lad i like but i no thats not tru! i cud get wiv most
ppl at parties but i dont wana jus get wiv ppl! i stil du
but i dont wana! it sucks! i reli am shit at reltionships!
if i dont work out wiv sam then i jus dont tihkn i will
bothe wiv then 4 a while! i suck at them like i suck at
alota things lol oh well i supose i shudnt omplain cos i
no its all my fault!

i supose life aint so bad ok an skool is
stressful 4 every1 atm an things r lukin ok except im
almost waitin 4 things 2 blow up in my face wiv sam! way 2
think positive amy!! lol nah im sure it will b fine or so
ppl keep tellin me! lol...well im guna go...

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