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Judge Tenderly of Me
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2005-04-25 18:09:40 (UTC)

It's Official...IRIE!

I booked the tickets Friday, so all systems go now. I can
stop worrying what if now. Now that it's taken care of I
can relax....I'm going to Jamaica before I'm 21, (ego
Dude is going, after several mini-arguments, I convinced
him to go. I just hope like hell that I don't regret takin
him. I tried to lobby for seperate rooms at the last
minute, but can you really blame me, dude gets drunk off
two thimbles of liquor. I really don't want anybody to
hurl all over our room then have to sleep in there. But
dude through a fit, and once we found out that wasn't
thechepaest option, I said "fuck it, let's just do it."
Trust me I will let you know how things turn out.
The only thing that could make things better is
everything. The trip is the only thing that's gone right
lately, but I'm coming to understand that life is little
more than a continuos string of set backs. So not being
deterred or distracted, will make fighting for what you
want that much easier.My job is straight but it's slowly
becoming one that I loathe. Only one or two people really
suck, but on the whole, it aint that bad, when i really
think about it.
my livin situation is bad, I hate it here, with the
exception of one thing, it's close to work and I haven't
been late once. Miles, is this awkward looking lanky,
curly brown afro-haired, white guy. which i have zero
problems with. He even went through my shit to find soe
dvd's which i was pissed by but let that slide too. But
today I wake up and he has my jacket on! WHAT THE FUCK IS
ROOM BUT HE'S WEARING MY SHIT!and you know what? I didn't
even confront him with it on, I don't know what the fuck
to say! But I got's to get the fuck out of here, It
doesn't feel like home anyway. I'm rarely here, except on
my days off (twice a week, if that) or at night before i
go to bed. But I'm usually with dude or at work. My room
is cold and right over a major street in chicago, so it's
never quiet. Ain't too much shit close by, except the bus
station. Dude and i thought about maybe gettin a place
together, and though I hate to dip on Miles, cuz i've
scarcely been here a month, but I'm so unhappy. A dude at
work has ignited the hunger within again, I'm only
slightly dissappointed becuz it should have never
diminished. But I know what I gotta do, so now i'ma do it
and just hope for the best. best case4 scenario, I'll make
enough to quit my job and focus on this for a moment, and
allow me to relocate, new york, Cali, don't matter. If
everything goes as planned, I won't spend another winter
in chicago, and will be well on my way if not there
already, to succeeding before I'm 22.